Right now our "getting together" looks a bit different than usual.  Below is a description of the usual.  We look forward to the time we are all back face to face.  For now we are so thankful for technology and the opportunity to get together in creative ways.  We are still praying for one another, supporting ministries around the world, worshipping together, encouraging one another and helping when, where and how we can.  

We worship an Awesome God who has saved us from our biggest and most critical problem.  He gives us the ability and strength to work on the others.  God is Love.  God gives Hope.  We continue to try and be like Him.



Going somewhere for the first time can be intimidating.  If you are planning your first time worshipping with the Woodbridge Christian Church, hopefully this helps.  


THE SCHOOL - We meet in a school that is not too complicated to get around, but most hallways look the same until you get to know them.  Because of this, when you arrive on the property there are plenty of signs, outside and inside, to help you navigate your way around.   Also, there are some smiling faces anxious to assist when needed.


WHAT TO EXPECT - Most people dress casual and the atmosphere is somewhat laid back.  The goal is for everyone to feel at ease, peaceful if possible and able to set aside the worries and stresses of the week as we focus on God and His Son Jesus in worship.


CHILDREN -  When parents enter the building they will find a children's registration table.  A nursery for babies up to two years of age is provided.  A pre-school class for children, two years old [and out of diapers] through Kindergarten is available.  The elementary class is for First graders through fifth grade.    The Children's worship time has youth from first grade through eighth grade before they go to their age appropriate classes.  


TEENS - On the first and third Sundays of each month the sixth graders through twelfth graders have their own teaching time.


COMMUNION - We take communion [also called The Lord's Supper] each Sunday.  This is a time where we remember Jesus' death on the cross to pay the penalty for all man's sins.  As Jesus instructed in the Bible we eat bread and drink grape juice as a part of this time of remembering Jesus' body and blood.  More information about communion is provided in the info guide when you arrive.


TEACHING - The teaching comes from the Bible.  You can follow along in your Bible, or pick up a Bible at the Guest Table, or follow as all of the Bible passages are projected on a screen during the teaching.  


PRAYER - If you have any prayer needs, you can share these by writing them down and they will be prayed for.